A depressed patient is most likely to commit suicide when : 1) The depression is most profound 2) The patient is starting to recover from the depression 3) The patient receives bad news or a disappointment 4) The patient becomes physically ill 5) The patient has completed a course of electroconvulsive treatments


What is the most likely diagnosis?   A.Excessive topical corticosteroid use B.Leprosy C.Tuberous sclerosis D.Vitiligo E.Pityriasis Versicolor

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Which One Of The Following Descriptors Of A Diagnostic Test Is Influenced By The Prevalence Of The Disease Being Tested For: A) Specificity B) Sensitivity C) Accuracy D) Positive Predictive Value E) Reliability

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It has the following features in pediatric age group:- Galactose 1 phosphate uridyltransferase defeciency Accumulaion  of G1P which Effects Kidney, Liver and Brain Jaundice Hepatomegaly Vomiting Hypoglycemia Catarcts Seizures Poor weight gain Mental retardation E coli sepsis Speech disorders Learning disabilities Treatment. No Lactose-  No dairy products


You are providing patient education to a patient who has recently been prescribed warfarin. In order to decrease bleeding risk, the patient should be advised of all but which of the following?   A.Use a soft-bristled toothbrush. B.Use an electric razor rather than blades for shaving. C.Avoid medications containing aspirin. D.Use rectal suppositories to help alleviate constipation. […]


Which of the following is considered the MOST effective method of preventing nosocomial infections? A.Health Education B.Isolating immunosuppressed patients C.Hand washing D.Providing all patients at risk for infection with large doses of antibiotics E.Taking full pandemic precautions with all patients at risk for infection —


Intestinal complications more common to Crohn’s disease than Ulcerative colitis include each of the following except: A) Fistula formation B) Perianal disease C) Intestinal obstruction D) Toxic megacolon E) Post-surgical recurrence    

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Which of the following abnormal heart sounds is a result of the blood flowing past the closed valve? valve regurgitation valvular stenosis ventricular or atrial failure electrical conduction defects Respiratory failure